April 23, 2022 - 5:00 pm

When:  April 23 – 24

Times:  Arrive on Saturday, April 23rd between 5 – 6:30 and depart on Sunday, April 24 between 9 – 12.   (Please note that the Camden Parking Authority will close the garage at 7:00 p.m. sharp. – see below for details)


Cost:  $80.00 pp, plus parking (see below regarding parking).  Register here.  First Come, first serve!

There are 20 tickets on reserve.  If we have more people who are interested in going, we will work to get you a ticket, but it is not guaranteed.  The battleship will not provide additional tickets after noon on the Wednesday before April 23.

See below for the Refund policy.

The overnight on the Battleship NJ includes:

  • Meals: Dinner and breakfast.  Also, a snack after the tour is provided.
  • Minimum 1.5-hour tour of the ship
  • Morning and evening colors
  • A Bunk


Please Note:

o   Those with food allergies or religious food concerns should bring a dinner and breakfast meal with them in case they are unable to eat the meal being served onboard that night. A refrigerator and microwave are available.

o   You can bring snacks/drinks on board but need to follow the rules as to when and where you can eat them.

o   The Ship’s Geedunk (snack bar) will also be open until approx. 2300 hours (11:00PM).  It serves light snacks, pretzels, soda, and other snack items. PLEASE NOTE ON LOW ATTENDANCE NIGHTS (LESS THAN 100 PEOPLE) THE GEEDUNK MAY NOT BE OPENED. A snack after tours will be provided.


Who:  Scouts and siblings; however, the minimum age for participation in the overnight program is 6 years old.  This is due to their insurance restrictions – no exceptions.  All Scouts/siblings must be accompanied by a parent/guardian.  Please do not expect Monica or Jared to watch your kids or to get them to the activities – this is the parent/guardian’s responsibility.  Of course if we see something, we will say something but there should be no expectation or reliance on us for this.


Where:  The Battleship New Jersey is berthed along the Camden, NJ waterfront.  GPS Coordinates N390 56.6335’ W750 7.7494’

Parking:  The Camden Parking Authority Waterfront Garage is located at 10 Delaware Ave, Camden, NJ 08103. The height clearance at the garage is 6’10”. The cost of parking is $12.50 per car.

  • Please arrive at the garage prior to 7:00 pm.  The garage closes at 7:00 pm. SHARP and there will not be any other secured parking available.   In an emergency situation the garage can be reopened; however, it can take up to an hour to do so and there can be additional delays in opening the garage. Additionally, there are costs associated with this that are not currently charged to the Pack, which you will be fully responsible for.
  • Once parked, exit the rear of the garage, and the ship is approximately 200 yards south. A shuttle bus will be running on Saturday between 4:30-7:00 pm.  The walk from the garage to the ship is about twelve minutes.  Although a shuttle bus is available, you may walk to the ship with your gear. For this reason, bedrolls and other gear should be packed in backpacks or shoulder strap equipped bags, as there will still be a good bit of walking required. Gear needs to be easily carried and must not fall apart en route.
  • The garage will open at 7:00 am the following morning in case campers wish to leave early.  If you must leave earlier than 7:00 am, please notify the Overnight Office prior to your overnight to make other parking arrangements.



  • Class B shirts please on the day of arrival.
  • Please note that there are no shower facilities available during an overnight
    • Other: Please dress appropriately for your overnight. Although the ship is climate-controlled during hot and cold weather, parts of the tour will be outdoors, and there are many areas on the ship that are windy and drafty. It is always better to have more clothing than less; in case you get cold. Also, if raining, slickers or ponchos are suggested, but umbrellas are not allowed

Other Info

  • Always move with caution when onboard the ship. “Head knockers” and “knee knockers” (tripping hazards) abound throughout the ship. Campers will need to negotiate steep ladders and confined spaces.
  • Other events may be taking place onboard during your overnight, and liquor may be served as a result. As much separation as possible will be maintained throughout the night. A Watch Officer will be on duty, and ship staff will also monitor to prevent confusion and unwanted interaction between guests.
  • All groups, regardless of age or gender, will berth (sleep) in the same compartment. However, some groups may share a compartment with another group. This depends on group sizes for that evening.
  • From time to time, prior to your boarding ship, Overnight Staff may ask your permission to inspect the contents of your gear. We would greatly appreciate that you comply. Those who refuse inspection of their gear will not be permitted on board ship.



  • General Refund Policy

Unless it is 60 days prior to the event, once you commit we will be unable to provide you with a refund unless a replacement is found.

  • Due to COVID

If the ship has to cancel due to COVID you will get a full refund.  If you need to cancel due to COVID at least a week before the date, then you will get a refund.  If you cancel due to COVID within 5 days of the date, you will get refunded $50, unless we can find someone to take your place.


COVID-19 Protocol

As of the time of this email the Battleships policy is:  Everyone is required to be vaccinated or have a negative covid test within 72 hours of arriving.  All persons will need to show proof at the gate that they meet these requirements on arrival prior to boarding the ship. No one will be allowed onboard without the proper documentation.

This policy may change, and I will keep you posted if it does.

Bookings no longer allowed on this date.